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Wisconsin Salvage Yards

Time is short. Money's tight. Why waste any of either searching for missing auto parts? makes saving time and money easy, giving you direct access to salvage yards across the state. With our database, every salvage yard in Wisconsin is at your your fingertips. Narrow the search to salvage yards near you, or expand the search until you've found the part you need.

Why salvage yards?
If you drive a car, you know you don't buy a new one every time you get a flat tire. But that's what countless drivers do each year to hundreds of quality auto parts when they send cars filled with completely functional parts off to the salvage yard.

Once there, these cars are examined by experts in the salvage yard who can identify high quality used auto parts and often set them aside.

By using salvage yards instead of dealerships, you can access hundreds of parts for less than you'd spend brand new. If you are looking for a used engine or any other used OEM you can reach us. You might be able to find rare parts that are no longer manufactured. But the bottom line: You'll save money with quality used auto parts. After all, you're already driving a car full of them!

Salvage Yards
Across Wisconsin, salvage yards are keeping lists of ready-to-use parts they have on hand: Parts that work like new, stuck in cars with unrelated problems.

With, there's no guessing game. Many salvage yards will locate the exact part you need and have it shipped to you, or you can pick it up on your own.

Finding these parts used to be a pain. But we've made it easy: Select your year, model and part. We'll show you a list of salvage yards that have those parts on hand, from air bags to wiper motors.

Tips for searching:
1. Know what you're looking for. Finding an ignition module will do you no good if you need an ignition switch. If you're not sure of the part you need, talk to your mechanic or check your driver's manual.

2. Before you call, make sure you have all the information you have about the part and your car. This will make it simple and fast for the salvage yard to find the correct part.

3. Ask your salvage yard about the condition of the part, and where it has been stored. Keep a list and keep searching if you aren't comfortable with a part's history. After all, makes it easy to shop around. You can always come back to a shop if you want to ask around first.

4. Not all salvage yards have the same policies. Ask about fees, return policies, shipping time before you commit to a part. An extra phone call could make a big difference in your level of comfort and satisfaction.

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